Would You Use A Chat Room?

I tried setting this question up using Blogger's 'Poll' facility, but everytime I did, it came back with a message saying the poll did not exist, or had been deleted.

Anyway, I was wondering if I was to set up a chat room facility available from this blog, would you use it? Just post a comment to this posting with your response.

I'm thinking that, at certain times of the day, a group of like minded traders could get together to trade a soccer match for example, share tips and strategies and generally help each other improve.

Let's see what the response is like. If it's a popular idea, I'll investigate what options are available to me regarding chat room software/facilities and set one up accordingly.

Anyway, on to today's trading - not that there was much to trade...

I would have missed the afternoon trading in any event due to the need to take my daughter shopping for school clothes. What is it with the fairer sex and clothes shopping? I'll never understand the fascination. I'd rather spend the time cleaning out the lavatories in the Scotrail rolling stock - believe me they are not a pretty sight.

Sorry, I digress...

Today was fine. As per yesterday, I kept the stakes low and traded 10 races this evening. I kicked of with a £0.89 losing 'scratch' then started to consistently string some decent trades together. Apart from three horrible races mid-evening which I scratched, everything was going along swimmingly - until the last that is.

I laid 'Fourpointone' and could easily have taken a two tick profit, but decided to hold on for a few more. They did come, but when I clicked to take them and close the trade, I mistakenly did so at the next highest odds, so my bet wasn't taken. The market then quickly swept through my position in the opposite direction forcing me to get out for a £3.50 loss.

Despite this annoying schoolboy error, I wound up with a profit for the day, albeit somewhat less than I should have had. 10 races traded, 4 scratched and 1 loss for a profit of £6.50. Not great, but I'm happy knocking up such profits when I'm on reduced stakes, particularly as I didn't expect to get any trading done today.

It looks like the weather has decimated the race card tomorrow, so I won't feel I've missed out spending all day with a client.

Please take the time to leave your thoughts on the chat room idea and I'll take it from there.


PS said...

Hi Alistair,

great idea the chat room. Count with me.

best regards

Cassini said...

I like the idea of a chatroom but it would have to be invited guests only or it would degenerate into the ridiculous farce that the Betfair football forum is.

Anthony said...

I'd be interested too.

leonthefixer said...

yep would be interested

Graeme Dand said...

If I could use it at work mate, I'd be interested!!!

Even if I can't, would be handy on a Saturday...


Loocie said...

Hi Alistair,

it is a good idea and I am also interested. I also agree with Cassini, should be 'invite only'.

All the best, Loocie

Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair,
great idea mate, would be good to here what others think about when trading.

Iranian Giraffe said...

sounds good


The final furlong said...

Hi Alistair

Yes would be of interest, although could not 'chat' during day would be great to bounce ideas off everybody.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the feedback guys. The chat room is up and running now. Please check it out and I encourage you to follow the few rules so that everyone gets the best out of it.