You Win Some, You Lose Some

A somewhat mixed day that started off badly, got better, then ended with a loss on the football which nearly wiped what gains I'd made.

The racing got off to a shocking start with me losing 4 of the first 6 races and scratching 2 of them for minor losses! I just couldn't read the markets at all. I got very close to calling it a day, but I hate ending on a loss. I decided to stick with it, but, for the first time, record what I was doing to see if I was missing something during the event. Would you believe it? As soon as I started recording races, I started winning!

One thing I did notice though, that I hadn't when trading, was the liquidity in the market. There was a lot of money around in the place markets this afternoon, particularly in the early races. Perhaps that had had an effect on the way I was trading, or not, as the case may be.

I traded 27 races today, scratching 12 and losing 5 at a cost of £9.54. I recovered that to win £11.79 on the horses. Just as well, as I lost £10.13 in the Cambridge v Kettering match late afternoon.

Given the relative positions of the teams and the goals already scored, I felt that trading the over 2.5 market with a view to getting out after the first goal was a decent proposition.

Once the match went in play, I placed 5 x £5 bets at 2.00, 2.22, 2.5, 2.86 and 3.33. Unfortunately, no first half goal arrived and I traded out when the odds got to 4.33 for a £10.13 loss. A disappointing result, but I cannot complain. I read the game wrong. Perhaps it's a little too early in the season to be getting involved in such things.

With this in mind, I decided not to get involved with the Portsmouth v Man Utd game, though I did take the opportunity to paper trial a strategy I read about the other week. Early days, but it looks promising if today's result was anything to go by.

So, yet another day where I've made a profit that isn't worth talking about.

Not much trading for me tomorrow as I'm at a clients though there is some football on in the evening that I may have a look at.

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