Another Good Day

Today wasn't quite so dramatic as yesterday, mainly because I didn't capitalise on the lively markets during the morning session. Part of this was due to the amount of money that would repeatedly oppose a runner, usually the favourite. As I seem to be better at spotting dogs coming in rather than drifting out, this made me particularly cautious.

To give you an example, there was one race (which one escapes me for the moment) where the favourite had come in and was comfortably trading at 2.50. Suddenly, a huge amount of money came in and laid that dog at odds of 4.00. As that sum was slowly eaten away, a second chunk immediately took the odds out to 6.00!

This sort of behaviour happened frequently throughout the first three hours of greyhound meetings this morning. Fortunately, I managed to avoid getting caught though the difference between avoidance and capture could be measured in milliseconds. Indeed, on a couple of occasions I immediately opposed these sums which paid off I'm glad to say.

I've noticed this happens quite a lot in the early sessions and I've been caught in the past. It has made me reluctant to keep an open position in the market when I may have been willing to do so in the past. As a result, I'm coming out with less profit. One good thing though is that I'm learning how to identify when these chunks may be about to appear. All I need to do now, is learn to get a quick lay before the jump.

The afternoon and evening sessions did their usual slow down, but in the end I was able to rack up a satisfying £30. This was spoiled slightly by the abject failure of Tranmere to win tonight, which cost a fiver. Still, a good day which takes me through the £400 mark for the month. A figure I said many moons ago I would be very happy to make on a regular basis. Mind you, I could lose it all again over the weekend so I better keep my fingers crossed for a little while longer.

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