Bet Angel Not For Me - Yet

Well, I've had my trial of Bet Angel and, for the moment, I'm not going to take it any further.

The purpose of the trial, was not to get to grips with Bet Angel as a trading tool, but to establish if I'll be able to trade reliably and still retain Linux as my preferred operating system. The exercise was specifically about running Win XP, and the Windows based Bet Angel in a virtual box on top of Linux. From that point of view it was successful, albeit with some issues that can be fixed with a hardware upgrade.

Specifically, I'd be happier if my 2GB memory was doubled so that I could allocate more to the virtual box. In addition, a more powerful graphics card is required rather than the onboard graphics that I currently use. This would then be able to handle the larger screen resolution that was causing problems when I first tried it.

By extention, the fact that I was able to use Bet Angel in this manner means that I'll be able to use any other Windows based trading software in the same way. However, I'd really rather not do that.

I have a philosophical issue with using Microsoft Windows as my operating system, or indeed, any application that that firm makes. I don't like the way they exploit the monopoly they run. I do not like their blatant disregard for international standards which lock their customers into their bloated, insecure, unstable and expensive products.

As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Professional, I have been selling, installing, developing and supporting Microsoft products since I set up my business in 1993. I still do all of those things in my professional life. I don't want to have to do them in my home as well.

The situation has also been made somewhat fluid by the recent events at Betfair and their Premium Charge. Now we find that a number of software developers are in the process of creating trading tools for Betdaq. More interestingly from my point of view, is that at least two of them are designing their tools in either Flash or Java. In other words, they will be cross-platform and I'll be able to run them natively in Linux.

I've already started doing all my soccer trading over at Betdaq, using their web interface. I only need a trading application for scalping fast paced markets such as horses and greyhounds. For that, I can still use BinarySoft BDI - despite it's limitations - until such times as it falls over.

So, for the moment, I will leave Bet Angel alone, and any other Windows based trading tool for that matter. I see no point in investing in additional hardware and software in order to scalp the horse/greyhound markets when I can do that with what I've got.

I will continue to monitor developments over the coming months, but the bottom line is, at the moment, to use a Windows based trading tool, not only goes against the grain, it also requires some additional financial investment. An investment that I am reluctant to make or justify at the moment.

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David Allen said...

I have used BetAngel and liked it but I preferred Binarysoft because I don't run Windows either. I think it is necessary to have a certain level of trading to pay the monthly fee for the software. I have not got to that level yet.

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