Betdaq Trader Software Available

Just checked the Betdaq Trader site and noticed that the software has been made available again.

I've just downloaded it and although the version number appears to be the same as the one I already had, it seems to be working now. Before, it wouldn't submit bets. It now does it quite happily.

Back later with an update to today's proceedings. In the meantime, here's my first bet placed with Betdaq Trader

UPDATE @ 9:18 Fri 26th Sept - I'm afraid to say the software still has a problem. It is submitting bets for me now without any difficulty, but if I try to modify those bets by changing the odds for example, I get the same old 'Invalid odds' error message in the 'Activity and Alerts' window. See the image below for examples of the error. On each occassion, I had tried to modify the odds of the bet that had previously been successfully submitted.

I've reported the issue to Betdaq and forwarded this image to them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair, I have just downloaded the software, where on earth is the market refresh settings? i want it running 1 sec or less



Alistair said...

There isn't any David, as far as I am aware. Purely from observation, I think it is refreshing no faster than 1 sec - though I haven't checked while viewing a fast moving market.

I suggest you, or anyone reading this, send an email to Betdaq with that, and any other suggestion. It's clearly going to take a while though.

You might be better off looking at the Gruss Betdaq Assistant. It's very much early release software, it's interface isn't the prettiest you're likely to come across, but you can change the refresh rate.