Door To Door Salesmen

Firstly, assuming you haven't heard already, I should point out that the Betdaq version of Bet Angel is due to be released imminently. The release is likely to be this coming weekend or early next week.

I was at a client's today so didn't start trading until 6:00 and spent all night on the dogs. While the rest of the trading world was attending the latest Bet Angel Webinar, I was nipping in and out of lean greyhound markets earning a pound or two as I went. I eventually racked up £34 over 29 races. I only had 1 losing race where I said goodbye to the insignificant amount of 56 pence. So, I'm more than delighted with tonight's session.

Now, on to the subject of the title.

Earlier today, I received a comment from one Klaus Stefan Gerber. Klaus was touting for business and wanted me to look at his ladder interface for Betdaq, despite the fact that he acknowledged I was a Linux user and his software is developed in .NET - a purely Windows based environment. I published the comment so that my Windows readers could investigate if they wanted.

However, on reflection, I've deleted his comment. Why? It bloody annoyed me that's why.

Klaus is not the first to visit here, or the chat room, with the sole intention of flogging their wares. I object to people posting comments on my blog just to make a sale. Particularly so, if their post is the first they've ever made here. If however, you make regular and valued contributions to the discussions contained within, then I will consider it. But please do not come knocking on my door, whether that is this blog or the chat room, in order to fob me off, or my readers, with some product that I've never heard off. If you do, I'll simply delete your comments.

However, if you want to contribute, then by all means introduce yourself. Once you've become known to me and my readers, then perhaps I can accomodate you, but not before.

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leonthefixer said...

I got the same comment as did several other blogs I noticed!

It was the first comment he has ever left at my blog and therefore I did not publish it.

I would only put links to software I know of and am 100% confident in such as Bet Angel and Gruss.

So I fully support your decision.