First Tests Of BA Pro On Linux

Some time ago, when the demise of Binarysoft BDI was announced, I expressed my concern as there was no other Betfair trading software, that I was aware of, that would run natively on my preferred operating system. I had four options available to me:

1. Continue to use Binarysoft BDI until such times as it stopped working. Keeping in mind that no further developments and facilities would be forthcoming since the author had decided to hang up his boots.
2. Run Win XP and Windows based trading application such as Bet Angel Pro inside a 'virtual box' on top of Linux.
3. Give up on Linux altogether and return to the 'Evil Empire' and all the hassles and expense that that would entail.
4. Give up pre-race horse trading altogether and stick with trading slow markets where I could use the Betfair interface which would allow me to carry on using Linux.

Until now, I've been going with option 1, but recently, Peter Webb of Bet Angel kindly gave me a free trial for a week or so, so that I could test out option 2. Today was the first time trying to use it in anger.

First off, I didn't try a lot of trading. It's going to take me a lot longer than a few days to learn how to use Bet Angel Pro as it is completely different to Binarysoft BDI. There's so much going on compared to the clean interface of BDI that I wouldn't want to dive straight in there until I understood what I was doing.

No, today was about seeing if the application worked with an operating system running on top of another. The short answer is, it didn't. Not well at any rate. Delayed bet submission and cancellation was my initial worry, but this wasn't a problem. What was an issue was slow screen refreshing resulting in bits of the Bet Angel window becoming distorted or 'missing'. This happened to such an extend as to make the program unusable.

This is purely down to a resource issue I think, so all is not lost. Over the next couple of days I'll try a number of things to free up some computer resources to allow Win XP/BA Pro to run a bit better. These include using a lower screen resolution, allocating more memory to the virtual box, removing anti-virus software etc. If this doesn't help, then my pc may require additional hardware, namely more memory and a much more powerful graphics card. Hopefully it won't come to that.

I'll give you an update on that later in the week. In the meantime, how did my trading go today?

Once again, I had a reasonably successful day at the dog tracks. I used a stake of £35 today and came away with a ROI of 61.9% so I've got to be happy with that. Yet, when looking at the number of races I got involved in - 47 - it's disappointing. I got caught more times than I should've because my reactions were too slow - which cost me £15.29. Also, on three separate occasions, those same slow reactions meant I missed greened up profits of at least £5 each time.

So, another good result, but it could've been better.

I didn't get involved in any of the Champions League matches tonight, partly because I don't, in general, get involved in cup matches and partly because I hadn't had any chance during the day to look at the stats. I didn't even get much of a chance to watch the games as I was spending the time with my daughter.

Speaking of which, I don't know how much trading I'll get tomorrow. It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow and after school she's having 12 of her pals round for a wii Fit party! So I've got to spend much of the day tidying the house just so that lot can trash it! Oh the joys of being a father.

I'll try and squeeze in some of the morning greyhound races. That's the great thing about the dogs. There's so many races on from 11am through to 10pm or so that I never feel obliged to do all of them. Instead, I can dip my toe in the water whenever the mood takes me throughout the day.

Anyway, good luck if you're trading tomorrow.

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Hey Alistair

When I was a BA Pro user I initially ran it inside a VMWare XP Install. So long as I didn't flick between OSs it ran OK to be honest. I then decided to run BA on a fresh XP install on a spare machine but with similar specs to the VMWare machine.

I found that BA ran pretty much at the same speed under a native XP as it did under VMWare. Of course my absolute loathing of XP soon got the better of me and I nuked both the Virtual Machine and the XP install. I couldn't run BA but my soul felt better :)