A Flash In The Pan?

I'm beginning to think my earlier success on the dogs was indeed just that. A big bit of beginners luck.

Today, like yesterday, I struggled to make any headway at all. The first three hours, generally the best time due to liquidity to trade the greyhounds (apart from televised events in the evening), were very poor. I was simply making too many mistakes through having incredibly poor reactions. Time and time again, I was too late to close out and the market turned against me having been in a profitable position. It was like I was operating in slow-motion.

As expected, the markets died a death in the afternoon and evening. I went and did something else rather than waste my time. I did try and scratch a few pounds profit in the evening, but it was hard going. By the time the televised events came along, with all the money that that entails, I'd lost interest and stopped for the night with only a few pounds profit.

My biggest win today was a straight punt on Stenhousemuir to win away at East Stirling - as per the advice at the very successful site, Soccerlotto. This was my first foray into the purple world of Betdaq, so let's hope that's an omen.

Back again tomorrow, hoping for a return to the performances I had earlier in the week.

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