Frustration Abounds

It certainly was a frustrating day for me. It started of with the greyhounds in the morning but the markets were very quiet and I found it extremely difficult to get on anything. They picked up a bit around lunchtime and I started to make some headway only for me to be caught again by a violent swing in the opposite direction. Why do these always seem to happen just after my opening bet is submitted?

That was enough to wipe out what meager gains I had made and put me back in the red again. The dog markets for the rest of the day were abysmal and I only managed to nibble away at that red, eventually winding up a little over £3 down on the day in these markets.

I'm going to have to rethink my dog strategy as that's quite a few times in recent days I've been caught badly by such swings. I've been doing the greyhounds a little over two weeks now, and, for whatever reason, I've always found it easier to spot mutts that are shortening in the odds. As a result, I almost always back first. Interestingly, these large amounts always seem to be on the lay side and typically come in at least 10-15 ticks higher than my entry point. I do not think I have seen a large swing in the other direction when a dog is drifting.

I need to study the markets closer to see if I can, first of all, learn to spot the drifters a bit easier, and secondly, see if there's ever any indication when I large opposing shift is about to take place.

I must also try and find the courage to oppose this money as it almost always disappears. That would mean putting more money on the back side, but it would have the effect of increasing my effective odds where I can get out for no loss. As it is at the moment, the odds very rarely go back down to my entry point allowing me to scratch. As these large shifts often occur when there's less than a minute to go before the start of the race there's often very little time to get out in any case.

As regular readers would have seen, I had two over 1.5 goals recommendations today in the soccer markets. Both of these also ended in frustration.

The first, Aberdeen v Dundee Utd worked to plan in that I got my bets at 1.90, 2.00 and 2.10 successfully matched on Betdaq, with the first goal coming just after half time. On this occasion I chose to go for a free bet rather than hedge for a guaranteed profit. All I needed was another goal, which didn't come. So no profit there, but more importantly, no loss.

The second match, West Ham v Newcastle Utd had plenty of goals, but my bets weren't matched before the first goal went in, so that plan came to naught. It's the nature of this strategy that early goals will kill off the bet before it's begun, which can be quite frustrating. One simply has to take solace in the fact that there's lots of games just around the corner so another opportunity is not long in coming.

The afternoon dogs were so quiet and boring that after an early dinner, I ventured back into the horse place markets. Having had my confidence dented in the markets last month, I was a bit wary of trying them again. I lowered my liability to £50 and, over 13 races, I made £15 so I was delighted with that. I'll be popping back to them again in the coming week.

I don't know if I'll get any trading done tomorrow. I really shouldn't do any as I desperately need to get my accounts completed and my tax return submitted. It's one of those hideously boring jobs that I keep putting off and off. My trouble is, I find it very easy to get distracted from such tasks and the fact that I'll be doing them whilst sitting in front of my computer doesn't help.

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