Good End To The Week

I wasn't sure what the dogs would be like today, but thought I'd give them a shot anyway. For the third day running, I found the early hours difficult, which was annoying as the markets were reasonably busy. Again, I made heavy weather of it by winning small amounts on a few races only to throw it away in one fell swoop.

It didn't help that I kept missing decent moves as I was busy getting my soccer bets together and posting to the blog. Still, I plodded on into the afternoon where the pickings were very thin indeed. I was on the verge of giving up and concentrating on the football, when, in the 3:37 I managed my best ever trade on the dogs. £9.57 after commission (5% that is) - not bad for a £30 stake.

This perked me up a bit and I carried on eventually netting £21.66 over 26 races. This, coupled with winning £7.35 after 2% commission over at Betdaq on the football made it a particularly satisfying day.

Speaking of the football, while getting involved in two matches today, I kept my eye on the liquidity at Betfair and Betdaq. Betfair far outstripped the amount of matched money by a factor of 7ish. I saw no sign of a move towards Betdaq in these markets, unlike there was in the cricket markets during the week. The odds available were pretty much the same, within a tick.

I suspect this will continue to be the case with the two biggest sports on the exchanges - namely horse racing and soccer. Whether that will change once API software is available for Betdaq I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I was pleased with the way I read the two matches today. It's just unfortunate that I wasn't able to capitalise on the QPR game with a goal happening so early. Let me know if you found my thoughts on these games of interest and perhaps I'll do them more frequently. It certainly helped me collate my thoughts as I analysed the form book.

It's interesting though that with the £29 I won today, my total for this month after only two weeks has surpassed the total for the whole of August. Long may it continue.

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