Greyhound Trials And Tribulations

After the close shaves and outrageous escapes of yesterday, I was looking forward to a more conservative days trading. No more mishaps please. I made sure my mobile was to hand and the countdown timer switched on, and I was very careful that I canceled any open bets if I switched runners. That wasn't to help me much in the first 40 mins or so this morning.

I was slightly down after the first few races when I was caught badly in the 11:42. Just as I was about to trade out for a 4 tick profit, the market took a quick and violent leap in the opposite direction. I had backed 'Flighty Roisin' at 4.80 and suddenly found myself out of pocket to the tune of £12 as I didn't get fully out until 6.97. Yikes!

The speed of the reversal took me by surprise and I wound up panicking into getting out as fast as I could. If there's one thing I learned from the horse place markets - when I was able to read them - was that these sudden adjustments frequently come back again. This one was no different. If I'd held my nerve for a couple of minutes, I would have still managed to get my 4 tick profit. 'Held my nerve' - very easy for me to say that now of course. As that dog went on a near vertical drift it was a different story.

I went and made myself a cup of tea and calmed down a bit, then in the 12:04 I won almost all of that back as the favourite came steaming in from 5.4. I got out at 4.00 as my timer was bleeping away with 45 secs to go. It shortened still further before the off.

The rest of the morning session was spent building myself a small profit, though given where I was at 11:45, a profit I was very happy with.

I started to play around with Bet Angel Pro in the afternoon and lost £2 on the horses before my son popped round putting paid to those experiments. We wound up watching the Aston Villa game so that was the afternoon gone.

I tried trading some of the evening races, but with so many British teams involved in European competition this evening, the money simply wasn't there so I eventually gave up. I earned just over £12 profit from the dogs today.

I also got involved in the Portsmouth game via Betdaq, backing the over 1.5 goals at 1.90 and 2.00 just before the first goal was scored when I traded out for a guaranteed profit. Another £4.62 added to the pot.

So, not the most prolific of trading days, but after the poor start this morning, a satisfactory one.

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