Greyhounds Continue To Bring In Profits

I was at work all day, so didn't managed to do any trading until after 6pm. The intention was to get involved in the Spurs v Aston Villa game, but having looked at the stats, I decided not to bother.

As you know, I'm keen on the over 1.5 goals market but the odds for this pre-ko were 1.27 on Betdaq. That's equivalent to a probability of 78.7%. Having looked at the head-to-head results over the past 20 meetings, only 12 of those were over 1.5 - implying odds of 1.67. Even looking just at the last 10 meetings gives implied odds of 1.42. So in my view the pre-ko odds were not value and I decided to leave well alone.

As it turned out, I was wrong and the game ended 1-2. However, I wouldn't have been matched anyway as I would've been looking for odds of 1.8 and upwards in-running. The early goal would have scuppered that.

I spent much of the evening trading the greyhounds where I had a successful evening despite it becoming much harder once the match at White Hart Lane had started. I traded some 26 races and came away with a profit of £18, so I was quite happy with that to round off the day.

If I can keep that sort of level going on a consistent basis, I'll be qualifying for the 20% premium charge in no time. LOL.


adamandy said...

I spoke to the PURPLE last week

They are offering a 2% fixed rate until the 31st December 08

Simply email and they will do the rest

They tell me they are working on software and are giving a version out free at the end of this month by all accounts?

They tell me Gruss and Bet Angel are already on the case.

Fantastic video on You Tube type in Betfair Premium Charges – Priceless

Alistair said...

Hi adamandy

Thanks for the comment. I'm already signed up with Betdaq on the 2% commission rate.

Betdaq told me at the weekend which software vendors were developing for their API. I didn't publish the full list as I wasn't sure if it was confidential or not.

Interestingly, I noticed on the Gruss site that they are looking at developing a Flash version which means it will run on Linux as well as Macs and Windows. Good news for me if that comes off.