Just A Quicky

Spent the day at a client's so not much trading today. I had intended to get involved in some football tonight, but when I got home and had a chance to look in more detail at what was on offer, nothing took my fancy. In the end, I just spent a couple of hours scalping the greyhound markets where I managed to add £20 to the pot.

Before I go, I should apologise to the reader who made an anonymous comment to the 'Pulling A Fast One' thread. I was made aware of what you spoke but had promised not to mention it on my blog, for the same reasons as you alluded to in your comment. This is why I didn't post your comment, but rest assured your comments are read and appreciated.

With that rather cryptic note (he/she will now what I'm on about) I'll call it a night.

UPDATE @ 10:00 23rd Sept: As you'll see from the comments on this post, I'm now able to publish the link to the Gruss software, Betdaq Assistant. Keep in mind it is early release software so if using it, stick with small stakes.


Anonymous said...

Alistair I was also the one who told you the gruss link via the webchat as well as posting it yesterday. Originally it seemed gary wanted to keep things under wraps whilst testing but it's now available to anyone wishing to test it :)

Feel free to post the link as it's now in the public domain, a post on garys site to confirm it's legit for any readers


Alistair said...

OK Anonymous, thanks for confirming that. Having given my word, I didn't want to post anything that would go against that.

I've put the link in the post