A Mixed Bag

Again today, I spent most of my time investigating the greyhound markets. Well, for 90 mins or so late morning/early afternoon anyway, before breaking for lunch and to watch the first half of the Belgian Grand Prix. I resumed again around 2:30.

This was time well spent I'd say as I managed to get a 50% profit from a £25 bank. Unfortunately, as the afternoon wore on, what little money there was in these markets completely dried up. At this point, I turned my attention to the horse place markets once again. The first race I entered, the 4:00 at Thirsk, saw me immediately throw away over 37% of the gains I'd made on the dogs. This was enough for me just to throw in the towel and go and watch some TV.

My confidence in the horse markets has been ebbing away for some time, and to me, this was just confirmation. I do not seem to be able to read the place markets with any degree of accuracy anymore. As a result, it is causing me immense frustration to such an extent, that I'm sure it is effecting my decision making processes, thereby making it worse.

After an hour of chilling out, I checked out the greyhound markets once more. There was only an hour more racing left, but within three races I'd recovered all the money I'd lost on that single horse race, plus a bit more.

In the end I won £18 on the dogs today using a stake of £25. Next time I'll bump up the stake to £30 and see how I get on. For the moment, I think I'll give the horses a rest and concentrate on the dogs. I won't be able to make much per race but those races come thick and fast so hopefully it will be a case of a little profit, lots of times.


Iranian Giraffe said...

very nice return on your bank mate.


Alistair said...

Cheers Mike, certainly a lot better than I've been getting on the horses. Here's hoping it will scale up a little bit more to make it worth my while.


Mr.Money said...

Hi Alistair,

great trades on the greyhound.
Any tips??

I´ve a link for you:


Best regards

Alistair said...

Hi Mr Money,

Thanks for the link. I didn't realise Bet Angel had such an offer. I'll look at that later.

As for tips on the greyhounds... I've only been doing them for three days so I don't think I'm in any position to advise anyone. However, one tip that I will give is not to enter the market too early. I'll leave it to you to decide how early is early.