My Trading Is Going To The Dogs

Quite literally...

I've been very aware over the past few months that I need to expand my repertoire so today I took the opportunity to look at the greyhound markets. These markets during the day are quite quiet, almost resembling the place markets that I've come to know and love. Actually they are a lot quieter which presented it's own problems.

I played to reduced stakes of £25 and was doing reasonably well earning anything from a few pence to just over a pound. I took one hit for £2.80 when I was to slow to react but the disappointing trade was still to come. I inadvertently clicked the wrong button which meant I placed a bet of £100 rather than £25. I was gobbled up immediately and couldn't get out for anything less than a £6 loss.

That was annoying to say the least. Not because I lost a trade. I misread the market, but to submit such a large bet when the market simply wasn't capable of supporting it was just careless. So, I finished £5 down on the greyhounds.

Despite this loss, I saw enough today to want me to carry on looking at these markets. The dog races certainly come thick and fast so even making small amounts per race, it will soon add up.

Having suffered this loss before the horse racing started, I didn't do myself any favours by losing 4 of the first 5 horse races I entered. So once again, I found myself on the back foot early in the day and it took me all afternoon to get myself in profit for the day.

Having done all the hard work, I was really annoyed with myself in the 4:50 to have a bad loss on 'Drumming Party' which put me back in the red. I then had to go out, so it wasn't until much later this evening that I discovered the horse had been withdrawn and those bets were void. Yet another 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card.

The evening was spent primarily on the Kidderminster v Torquay soccer match with a little trading at Great Leighs in the place markets.

I did my now almost customary five bets in the over 1.5 goals market, with the first three of these being taken before the only goal of the game was scored. I managed to trade out for a small guaranteed profit which, combined with the horse racing was enough to keep me in profit for the day.

I shall continue to expand my horizons tomorrow, but this time I'll have better results. Hopefully.

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Anthony said...

Once someone realises there aren't that many 'Get out of jail free' cards in the community chest you'll be banged up mate!
Good luck to you.