My True Age And My Wii Fit Age

It never fails to amaze me how the slightest distraction can cause one (for that read 'me') to lose one's focus. Today's culprit was the emptying of the tumble drier. I came back from carrying out that meaningless chore to jump straight into the 5:20 at Musselburgh and promptly lost nearly £5.

Until that moment, I'd been heading for a very pleasing £30+ but, in the space of a few seconds, saw it fall towards £20. I decided to call it a day then, as historically, Sundays are not my best days so a profit of nearly £23 was fine in my book.

£20 of that profit came from the greyhounds, in particular between 12:15 and 13:15. Although the racing started just after 11:00, the markets were very quiet. Similarly, they died a death once the horse racing started. As a result, I switched disciplines and went back to the place markets which I have neglected this past month.

I didn't actually do a huge amount of trading today. I got involved in 19 dog races and 12 horse races. I had a break in the middle to spend some time with my daughter playing on her Wii Fit. What a giggle. You really must get one of those if you haven't already. I haven't laughed so much in a long while. My word, I'm unfit though. It's time this aging 46 year old got off his arse and did something. Mind you, according to the Wii, my Wii Fit age is 34! Obviously I haven't lost all my faculties yet.

Anyway, I need to take a break and have a rest. See you tomorrow.

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