No Rest For The Wicked

I had every intention of staying clear of the horse racing today. Thanks to the weather, I had no trouble in doing so.

I needed to find some action so in the run up to the Peterborough v Bristol Rovers match, I went off to the dogs to carry on my quest to see if I could trade those markets. Well, to cut a long story short, I made just over £10 today from a £20 stake. That's a very pleasing result and I'll be doing the same again over the coming days with a few to raising my stake as I go. I reckon I should ultimately be able to use a £50 stake without too much problem. Time will tell.

My main play of the day was to be in the Peterborough match. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a non-event as all will become clear.

I don't trade football matches in the true sense of the word, for two reasons. First, I do not have live pictures, so I wouldn't be reacting to what is happening in the game. Second, I've never found a market that has an exit strategy I'm happy with.

What I primarily do, is back the over 1.5 goals where I deem the odds are value. However, I try to build additional value into the bet by looking for higher odds in play. I will place a number of bets at varying odds which hopefully will get matched before the first goal goes in. At which point I'll decide either to trade out, or let the bet run.

I was pretty confident there'd be goals at Peterborough today and when I saw that evens were available for over 2.5 goals, I seriously considered it. However, I decided to stick with my usual game plan and went for the over 1.5 goals. Unfortunately for me, this game was one of those where a goal is scored before any of my bets are matched. So no harm done other than an opportunity lost - but there's plenty more games just around the corner.

Who would've thought we'd see such a goal feast? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I told a little lie earlier regarding the horses. I tried one race where I lost 2p. This was only because I was trying Bet Angel Basic with Windows XP running in a virtual box under Linux. I just wanted to check that bet submission was OK. Speed wise, everything seemed fine, though given that the minimum refresh rate for BA Basic is 1 sec, perhaps this test was inconclusive. Hopefully the Bet Angel team will look favourably on me and give me a free trial of BA Pro for a few days.

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