Not Much To Report

I didn't do a huge amount of trading yesterday as right from the off, I didn't particularly feel in the mood. What I did do was plagued by indecision, particularly on the football.

I looked at a total of 4 games yesterday and couldn't make my mind up so I left them. When they were all 0-0 approaching half-time I put a few bets on, but canceled them shortly afterwards. On each occasion, there was a goal within a minute of me changing my mind.

I had one straight bet on Tromso to win, which they didn't. Summed up my day on the football pitches.

One thing that all this indecision did show though is that Betdaq seem to have corrected the issue I was having regarding changing odds of previously submitted bets in their Betdaq Trader software. I'll flag up any others I find. The funny thing is, I haven't been able to use it's trading facilities yet simply because of the way my bets have been going or I've been having straight punts on non-in-play matches.

I did have a little look at the horses later on in the afternoon and came away with a small profit. However, I'm going to have to relearn the place markets again as the trading techniques I developed when I started this lark were for a market that now behaves completely differently, apparently.

So in the end I made a small profit on the day, which is fine considering I took most of the day off, effectively.

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