Software Dramas

Not much to say about my trading today. The dogs were very dodgy. I got caught far too many times with big moves in the opposite direction. This was particularly true in the first hour or so where I seem to be developing that old habit I had in the horse markets - messing up early on and having to spend the rest of the day getting it back.

In the end I made just over £5 quid for my efforts having lost a total of £24.11. So £30 worth of profitable trades today, completely spoiled by all the crap ones.

You may have seen from my previous post, that I had intended to get involved in the Bayer Leverkusen v Hannover match. Unfortunately, that was a non-event for me as the first goal was scored before I even had a chance to submit my bets.

Talking of which I tried the Betdaq Trader software in this game. Just after the game went in play, I went to specify a back bet in the over 1.5 goals market. Having entered a bet of £5 at 1.90 it wouldn't submit it. More accurately, it submitted it but wouldn't accept it. Instead, it returned an error saying that the odds were invalid. I tried it again at different odds and got the same thing. Clearly the software isn't ready yet and that's probably why the download page has been removed and a 'Coming Soon' notice put in it's place.

I've reported the issue to Betdaq so hopefully it will be corrected soon enough. Not the best start to proceedings though.

I had other issues with software today, namely Bet Angel Pro. As regular readers will know, this week, off and on, I've been testing BA Pro in an XP environment running on top of Linux. It's performing much better now that I've reduced the screen resolution, removed some of the 'tabs' from BA, increased the memory available to the virtual box etc. To use it in anger though, I'd really need to increase my memory from 2GB to 4GB as well as potentially invest in a newer, more powerful graphics card as the smaller screen resolution doesn't make working in the software very easy.

While I was testing it on the horses today, I did have one major panic. I was only using stakes of £5 and completely messed up simply because the ladder is not only the wrong way round compared to Binarsoft BDI, but it's also upside down! In addition, I didn't feel it was particularly clear what I'd done and I suddenly found myself with a liability of nearly £50 though this didn't jump out at me at first - simply due to unfamiliarity with the software. Anyway, I panicked, quickly switched back to BDI and got out of my position for an 18 pence profit. LOL!

I was trying to explain to Leonthefixer in the chat room how much clearer BDI presents your position at all times but I wasn't making a good job of it so I thought a picture or two may be worth a thousand words.

The first image below shows my position having placed a £35 back bet at a probability of 25.974% (decimal odds of 3.85) and £20.18 of it matched. The 0.57, highlighted in orange represents £amount/points which is the way Binarysoft BDI represents money in the market.

Notice how the left most column of the ladder, the P/L column, clearly shows what the profit or loss would be depending on where the closing lay was placed. In my opinion, this graphic is so much more obvious than what BA Pro displays.

The next image clearly shows the greened up profit obtained after cancelling the unmatched portion of my back bet (the 0.57) and having a lay bet for the outstanding amount successfully matched 4 percentage ticks higher at 27.397% (decimal odds of 3.65) netting £1.11 across the board.

I find this very visual way of presenting my current position particularly useful. In contrast, I think the Bet Angel Pro interface far less clean and too cluttered. I will no doubt, if I ever get around to using BA Pro full time, get used to it, but I fancy the transition is going to be hard. Something about old dogs and new tricks springs to mind.

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