A Tedious Day

I didn't get around to posting last night as I was pretty tired after a long day so here's a quick run down.

The day started off badly when the very first greyhound race was suspended when I had an open position some 90 secs before the scheduled start. I couldn't believe it! Not again! Fortunately, it was due to a non-runner. Under dog racing rules, the race was voided and all matched bets returned. Phew! Panic over. I even got an email from Betfair a few minutes later, explaining why my bets had been made void. What wonderful customer service LOL.

The first hour then went OK and I was into double figures by the end of the hour, only for my broadband to stall. Fortunately I didn't have an open position at the time. A quick hard reboot of my router seemed to sort the problem and it was fine for the rest of the day. These things don't install confidence and I was just waiting for the next thing as bad things normally happen in threes as they say.

Disappointingly, the next hour saw me embark on a very poor run and an on-going battle to keep in the black. Come 2pm, I'd barely made £2 and had lost much of my enthusiasm for trading. I had hoped that a quick lunch would get my head together, but on my return, the afternoon markets were very quiet and I struggled to get on anything, so I gave up and did some gardening instead.

When you realise how much I hate gardening, you'll understand just how bad the afternoon greyhound markets were. They weren't much better in the evening but I managed to scrape enough together to get me into double figures for the day.

The jury is still out on the greyhound markets. I've obviously had 2-3 really good days and a few poor days as well. However, it's only been 9 days since starting in these markets and I've earned £139 on them. Not a huge amount, but a decent return given I've been using stakes of £20-£35 and a lot better than I'd been getting on the horse place markets for sometime. Consequently, I shall persevere with them for a while longer.

This coming week will see me experiment with BA Pro. I've downloaded the software and got it running with Win XP running inside a virtual box on top of Linux. My initial concerns were that the speed of bet submission and cancellation was going to be an issue. I'm pleased to say that this is not the case if early indications are anything to go by. Some of the screen updating speed appears slow, but I'll strip Win XP to the bone to help with that, though it may need a memory upgrade from 2GB to 4GB.

It's going to take me a while getting used to the interface as it is much more complicated and cluttered than that of Binarysoft BDI. I'll get used to it though. I'm not going to delve into the software until Tuesday afternoon, when I'll return to the horse markets. In the meantime, I'm going to spend my quieter moments wading through the user guide.

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