There Is A God After All!

I don't mean to cause any offense to anyone's religious beliefs, but I am not a believer. Tonight though, for once, the gambling gods where looking down on me and took pity on me after what can only be described as a tumultuous day on the trading front.

Perhaps, looking back on things, I shouldn't have been trading today. I had so many things to sort out for my daughter's party and that was just during the day. In the evening, with 12 screaming 13 year olds and music blaring, the atmosphere was hardly conducive to focussing on the trading markets.

I had intended to take 2 hours out in the morning to trade the dog markets, and, for the first hour things went reasonably well, if not spectacularly. Then came a moment of confusion that ultimately cost me £38.50.

I'd been trading 'Yonnas Legend' in the 11:57 at Newcastle, when, with 20 secs to go I closed my trade to green up, only for my position to turn red on all the other runners. I couldn't understand it. I quickly place another small trade, but no green up. I immediately thought that Binarysoft BDI was playing up. I quickly switch to the Betfair interface to close out manually, but it was a vain, panic stricken attempt to get out of a bad situation.

I couldn't understand what had gone wrong. Unfortunately, BDI does not record a log of it's behaviour so I was left with a £38.50 loss and no real understanding of how or why it happened. To compound things, I traded with much smaller amounts in the next race and it was fine. Disgusted with my bad fortune and cursing the gambling gods I switched off and went for an early lunch.

It was only then, while munching on my sandwich, that I thought of what might have happened. A quick check of the transactions in my Betfair account and all was confirmed. Before trading 'Yonnas Legend', I'd been looking at another runner, 'Coloured Cash' where I'd placed a back bet at 5.30 and well out of the money. When I switched runner I didn't cancel it and subsequently forgot all about it. So when it was matched 20 secs before the market suspended, I was fooled into thinking that something had happened when trading 'Yonnas Legend'.

Whilst I was not happy with suddenly being some £34 down on the day, I was a bit happier that I now had a sensible explanation for the loss.

For the rest of the day, in between the necessary household chores and my role as party chef and general dogs body, I set about getting some of that back. Given the amount of races I entered, I was doing quite well, helped by a £9 trade in the 19:43. In not many races, I'd managed to virtually half that deficit. This satisfactory progress was about to be halted rather abruptly though.

I was trading 'Williams Quago' in the 20:41 at Yarmouth. I should say, TRYING to trade in amongst the mayhem going on downstairs. Suffice to say, I wasn't concentrating and I got caught by the market suspending. Having been caught this way before I've turned to using the countdown timer on my mobile phone, but it was on charge and not to hand. I wasn't paying attention, being distracted left, right and center and, quite frankly, deserved it. I had £35 on the clear favourite and I couldn't trade out.

Once again, in disgust, I closed Binarysoft down and walked away from my computer and made a cuppa.

It is only in the past half hour when I came on to type up my posting for the day that I find the stupid mutt actually won! Yippee! I cannot believe it. How infrequently does that happen? So, instead of finding myself some £50 down on the day, I'm £42 up! There is indeed a god after all.

I've taken the hint though, breathed a huge sigh of relief and quit for the day. Best not to try my luck any further.



leonthefixer said...


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Keep up the good work!


Cassini said...

Funny how it goes, but well done. And there's no need to make up a god to explain these things - it happens.

Anonymous said...

surely it was a helping hand from god

Alistair said...

I don't think so Anonymous. I'm fairly certain Diego Maradona was nowhere to be seen.

leonthefixer said...

Mate just got word of some basic Betdaq software, done a post on my blog about it (

The links are:


User Guide:

Spread the word!

Anonymous said...

alistair have you tried on your linux system ?

I've got ubuntu on my pc but clueless as to how to get the java stuff installed or even if it will instal as I think ubuntu is a cut down dummy version of linux :(

Alistair said...

Leon, I've just downloaded it and had a play with it. A bit basic, as one would expect with early release software, but I'll certainly be using it for trading football.

Anonymous, I don't know where you get the idea that Ubuntu is a "cut down dummy" version of Linux. You couldn't be further from the truth.

Assuming you have Ubuntu 7.10 or 8.04, open up the Add/Remove Applications program. In the SEARCH box at the top, type in 'Java' without the quote marks. When the list of matching applications appears, select 'Sun Java 6 Web Start' and click on the 'Apply Changes' button. Put in your administrative password and away you go.

Once installed, download Betdaq Trader from the Betdaq site.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

I have the betdaqtrader application running on Ubuntu 7.10 ok. The only issue is the Betdaq logo is missing , besides that it works great for me.

Its nice to have trading applications running on a proper platform :-) for once. Well done the daq.,