Wake Up And Pay Attention

I've had another interesting day trading the greyhound racing. It has seen some excellent trading and some particularly sloppy trading, which, I can largely put down to the thumping headache I've had most of the day thanks to this head cold I'm having difficulty shaking off.

Funnily enough, I shouldn't have been trading at all today as I was meant to be visiting a client - as is normal for a Tuesday. However, I felt so groggy when I awoke this morning, I postponed it until Thursday. Given the condition I was in, it was perhaps a bit risky trading at all.

I've settled into the routine of trading the first 3 hours, then having a break for much of the afternoon when the horse racing starts and much of the liquidity disappears from the dogs. With such a good result yesterday, I was looking forward to a repeat performance. This was certainly on the cards when, after the first hour, I was over £13 up. So I was rather annoyed with myself when in the 12:15 I lost much of those gains as I said goodbye to £9 - I got caught by a big reversal, twice on different mutts, which I struggled to get out of.

Not to worry though, this was until the end of the day, the biggest loss. I continued to slowly build the profit back up again, then lose some of it, claw it back and lose a bit more. Come mid evening though, I'd managed to get myself up to £31.

The 20:45 however proved my downfall. I was busy trading 'Crucial Girl' (if that means anything to anyone) when the market suspended. I'd been dreaming and hadn't looked anywhere near the countdown timer. I was left with a £24 profit if it won and a £15 loss if it didn't. As is the way of these things, it lost - and so did I. I've had so many 'Get Out Of Jail Free' cards of late, it was too much to expect another.

Not too worry. A silly mistake, brought on by fatigue. I should've stopped much earlier in the evening, but as I was doing so well I kept pushing on.

This loss left me with £17.50 profit, so I decided to carry on and get it to £20 when I'd stop. However, when I nearly got caught again in the next race, and just managed to get out for a £1.32 I felt it was time to quit. Protect the bank as they say. Despite the fact that there were plenty of races still to come, I was just too tired to concentrate properly.

That mistake aside, I was quite pleased how things went today, despite some of the sloppiness alluded to earlier. In the end, I traded 63 races throughout the day, and, including the one that was suspended, I lost £42.51 and yet still managed a profit of £16.11. In other words, I had nearly £60 worth of profitable trades. So, I'm quite content in that knowledge and look forward to trading the dogs again.


Anthony said...

Alistair, on settings, in Betangel Pro, you can set it up to warn you about how much time is left before the off. That should eliminate that problem. Make sure your computer clock is correct though because that's where it gets its timing from.

Alistair said...

Cheers Anthony,

BDI has a countdown timer in a big red box at the top of the screen. I just lost my concentration and failed to look at it. What it needs is an audible warning, which I believe BA Pro has.

In the meantime, I'm using the countdown time in my mobile as a crude substitute :-)


Anthony said...

Yeah, sorry, audio timer was what I meant! You can't fail to know when it's about to start then.