What A Contrast To Yesterday

With my accounts out the way and my tax return filled in this morning and ready to post, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Another hideously boring job out of the way. This freed me up to concentrate on my trading. Well it should have done.

First thing this morning, my daughter claimed she wasn't feeling well. Off she went to school in any case. It was inevitable that my trading in the morning would be disrupted by a phone call. So I missed the first few races as I went to fetch her back home.

After getting her settled, I was able to bash on with the greyhounds. It always makes such a difference to my trading if I get off to a good start and today was no exception. I found the morning markets to be very good today with plenty of money around. Within the first hour I had recouped all my losses from yesterday.

Normally, I carry on until the horse racing starts, but I was so pleased with myself, I actually had an early lunch. It didn't help with my daughter nagging me to feed her. So I missed some more of the morning session, even though it tends to be the best time to trade the dogs.

Progress was a little slower in the afternoon even though the markets still had an unusual amount of money. They virtually dried up in the evening, as expected, but I still managed to rack up £50 for today's efforts. Not quite my best result on the dogs, but very satisfying none the less.

I entered 49 races today, losing in only 7 of them. I did have a little fortune in the 20:22 when my closing hedge wasn't fully matched leaving me with a £1.80 loss across the field and a £7 profit on 'You Mucky Puppy'. With 10 secs to go, I didn't have time to balance it off, so I left it. Fortunately for me, 'Puppy' won.

So, all in all, a jolly good day and looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.


leonthefixer said...

Well done mate - another day or two like this and you will have your best ever month!

Alistair said...

Yes Leon, that would certainly be nice.

In fact, sooner than that another important milestone will be upon me. Looking at my Betfair account, I'm only £85 away from having a profitable account for the first time since I joined.

That's bad news of course as it immediately opens me up to the premium charge. I'll just have to cross that bridge when/if I come to it.

Thanks for popping by.