Another Landmark

Today's trading wasn't particularly spectacular but the £10 or so that I did win was enough to scrape me past the £2000 mark. That's a 20000% increase from my original starting point of £10 way back in Feb. I had hoped to be here at least a month ago, but as I've documented previously, mid-July through August was not as good as I would have hoped. Still, £10 to £2000 in 203 trading days is not bad at all, though I do say so myself.


leonthefixer said...

Its pretty easy isn't - its even easier to increase the £2000 by 20,000% in the next year! LOL! If only!

Well done mate - a great effort now give yourself a reward with some of that winnings, you deserve it!

ps said...

Well done Alistair!!

Keep the good work mate!!


Alistair said...

Thanks chaps.

Leon, when Betfair's premium charge came in I moved some to Betdaq, but took the rest out. I keep just £150 in that account now, which is more than enough for trading the dogs.

The rest is currently earning over 6% and will go towards a new car in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Well done Alistair, if you keep up at this rate you'll be rewarded with a premium charge debit!! Must say I respect your patience given the time you seem to put in against the modest rewards but I suppose you expect that to improve,

Anyway enjoy reading your blog and good luck in the future...Nick

Alistair said...

Hi Nick, I'm currently whittling away my 'allowance' as we speak.

You've hit the nail on the head though. Unless I can step up a gear, the impact of the premium charge will cause me to question if it is worth the effort. That's assuming Betdaq doesn't pick up.

In any event, it is likely that I will have to change my trading style and/or look to different markets if I want to continue.


leonthefixer said...

The Bet Angel software is out for all and is free:

Please do a post to highlight this and help with the move!

Alistair said...

Consider it done Leon