A Day For Learning

I spent much of the morning reading up about matched betting and how to make use of the various free bet offers from bookmakers. To a large degree, such offers are of no use to me as the vast majority of them are for new accounts only. I've had accounts with a whole swathe of bookies for a long time and consequently wouldn't qualify for them. Indeed, the last time I used an account at a bookies was some 18 months ago.

Any offers available for existing account holders tend to be pretty paltry and few and far between to boot. As a result, I've always felt that doing match betting was hardly worth the effort. However, a conversation with one of the chat room regulars, Iranian Giraffe, sparked my interest again, hence my research this morning.

As chance would have it, Iranian Giraffe was in the chat room this afternoon and a quick, impromptu session was organised for this evening so that he could run through his version of match betting using the greyhound offers frequently available on Bet365.

The chat room has been found to be very useful since I set it up as a general tool to exchange ideas, but this type of 'demonstration' if you like was exactly why I wanted to create the room in the first place. So, many thanks to Iranian Giraffe for taking the time to share his methods this evening.

Ultimately, I'd like to have similar 'events' hosted in the room, with a bit more notice given in advance for readers of this blog. Whether that happens will totally depend on the goodwill of those prepared to take time out of their busy schedules to pass on their thoughts and strategies. Hopefully we will not have to wait too long before the next one.

Now, on to a quick summary of today's trading...

I made a reasonable £20 on the greyhounds today, though I have to say I was disappointed with it. I just couldn't get going this morning and I spend 2.5 hours making the grand sum of £3! This was very annoying as there was loads of money around, but I just kept making too many mistakes. Putting in a good trade, then giving that profit back in the very next race was a particularly galling habit.

After lunch, I had intended to spend the afternoon looking at the horse markets on Betdaq, using the Betdaq Trader software. Unfortunately, I found it impossible without a ladder interface. I'm so used to that style of trading now that going back to the standard interface one sees on all the exchange websites was too difficult for me.

In the end, I gave up and returned to the dogs where I made the rest of the £20 - which was unusual in itself given that afternoon dog racing tends to be a pretty quiet affair.

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