End Of The Week Syndrome?

The past couple of days have been very poor, living up to the reputation that Friday and Saturday are just not good days for me. I'm beginning to wonder now if that is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy each week.

I didn't post yesterday's result, simply because it wasn't worth the effort. I had struggled all day to get anywhere. The most I got ahead at any point in the day was £12. In the end, I finished early while I was still a fiver up.

Today's performance wasn't much better. To be honest, I simply wasn't in the mood and, after doing a little trading on the dogs early on, decided to quit at lunchtime. Instead, I took the decision to have a little punt. Well 3 actually. I placed £5 on each of 'The Hairy Mutt' in the 2:00, 'Rileyskeepingfaith' in the 2:10 and 'Championship Point' in the 2:45. All to place - all failed.

I traded a little more in the evening, but when I lost over £11 in the 7:20 at Wolverhampton I decided to pack it in for the night with my trading having earned 3 pence for the day. LOL!

Whilst I appreciate that I cannot win everyday, I am disappointed with the last two days as my performance in the first half of the week had put me in a position to win over £200 in a week for the first time. It needed reasonable performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but obviously, that is unlikely to happen now.

Saturdays in particular are so regularly poor, I'm beginning to think I should take them off. Or at least, trade completely different markets. I'll have a think about it during the week.

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