Finally, October Gets Going

It's been nearly a week, but the month finally got going this evening. Having struggled to break even for the past 5 days, I managed to amass a very welcome £23 from the greyhound racing this evening.

More importantly, I think I might have identified where I had started to go wrong last week. As I've learned the greyhound markets I have developed a strategy where I take an early position. This has paid dividends throughout September. However, surreptitiously over the past couple of weeks, my entry point has been getting earlier and earlier. Last week, I think it had gone too far.

I started to do the same thing this evening, and spent the first hour unable to build any momentum. Indeed, I started to go backwards. This was when I change tact. I went back to basics and only got involved around 60 secs before the scheduled off. I didn't catch many big swings, but at least I started to consistently win. So more of the same tomorrow.

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