A Good Result After A Slow Start

I spent the first two hours of the day still suffering from the problem of making good trades followed by bad ones. As a result, I'd only made a couple of quid come 1pm at which point I gave up and went to Tesco to get the weekly groceries.

I'm not sure why I am no longer making decent returns during the morning session of the greyhounds. I'm certainly getting caught far more often than I was, so I may be leaving myself open for longer than I have in the past. I'll work on that during this week.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon switching between dogs and horses. Slowly but surely, things started to pick up. I even finished the afternoon with a profit on the horses. Shock! Horror!

I continued adding to the profit in the evening, though I had to be much more choosy which dog races I entered as some of them were particularly thin.

In the end, I finished the day with a profit of nearly £30 which is much more like it. I am, however, throwing away far to much. I had £24.72 in losing trades today which is far too high compared to my profit. In essence, I had over £50 in profitable trades today so I really need to work at reducing the number of losing trades. Then, perhaps, I'll see my profit jumping to the levels I believe it should be at.

And finally...

Anyone who trades the greyhounds will no doubt be familiar with the voided/lapsed bet email sent from Betfair. Usually, this happens when I've made a decent profit on the race. It's so unusual to receive one that goes in my favour.


The final furlong said...

Hi Alistair
Well done on your achievements last month, I am sure you will continue to grow into your trading.
Would you mind putting a link to my first blog?

Blog title: All day and night at the dogs


Many thanks


Alistair said...


Thanks for the comments. Link duly added in the links section.