Mixed Bag

I had a reasonable day in terms of final return, though it was primarily due to my trading the horse place markets rather than the greyhounds and soccer.

The day started off pretty well with the dogs until I made two stupid mistakes in consecutive races around noon. The first saw only a fraction of my opening trade being matched. I jumped a few ticks ahead to get on, what I thought was going to be a decent shortening of price. Stupidly, I hadn't canceled the remaining unmatched stake from my opening position. No sooner had I placed the second bet and the market reversed, sweeping up both by bets.

So, I was left with double the amount of money in the market than I had intended - and double the resulting loss.

Having decided to take a time out and have a cuppa, I came back and jumped straight into the next race without pausing to assess the market. Not surprisingly, I lost on that one as well.

Those two basic, schoolboy errors cost me over £11. Indeed, throughout the day, I racked up over £18 in lost trades on the greyhounds. They still wound up in profit for the day, but those losses were disappointing.

The horse place markets were much better and I'm pleased to say that some confidence is returning after completely losing it last September. I'm playing with much reduced stakes of £60 but I still managed a profit of over £20. The good news is that the place markets continue to attract a lot more money than I was used to in May/June, so I should not have too much trouble increasing my stakes.

I also decided to stick a lazy fiver on the football. This has been let down thanks to the Athletico Bilbao v Barcelona game only having 1 goal.

So a profit for the day of just under £20, but more important than that are the encouraging signs that the horse racing is an option once again.

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