Monday Evenings Buck The Trend

I got back from work earlier than I expected enabling me to spend 3 hours trading the greyhounds.

In line with quite a few Monday evenings in recent weeks, I traded quite well, racking up £20 in profits for my troubles. This was all the more pleasing as I missed a significant number of races due to phone call interruptions and the like. So it seems that Mondays are pretty good to me.

This is borne out by the figures. I had a quick look over my records for the past 5 weeks. As you can see from the period totals below, Mondays are clearly my better days, with Saturdays my worst - as I've known for some time.

This is particularly interesting as over the past month or so, I've only been able to trade in the evenings on a Monday. I also seem to get worse as the week goes on. However, it's a small sample of only 5 weeks, so I shouldn't draw too many conclusions from it.

Back to a full day's trading tomorrow, assuming I can get my various chores done. My recent problems with the burst water main has meant somethings haven't been done that should've been done. At least the insurance company has agreed to refund my £150 excess seeing as Scottish Water admitted liability and fixed the problem. I'll still be sending a letter of complaint to Scottish Water regarding the inaccurate information their helpdesk operative gave which led me to making an insurance claim in the first place.


Drifter said...


Interesting to see this analysis. Do you think it told you anything you didn't already know?

Your trading is better the earlier in the week you trade, is this because your trading is better in low liquidity markets?

Keep up the good work


Alistair said...

Hi drifter,

I've been aware for some time that I do not to particularly well on Saturdays, but the declining trend during the week was a surprise.

I don't think there's any doubt that I seem to be better in thin markets. However, given that the results shown in the graph are primarily from trading greyhounds, I'm not sure I understand why my performance degrades as the week progresses.

It is of course a small sample, so it will be interesting to compare week days after a year has gone by.