October Summary

Not the best of months, but certainly not the worst. October started off rather slowly but picked up nicely after the first week or so. It slowed down again a week ago, then of course, I decided to take much of the past 5 days off. I have nipped in for the odd hour here and there, just to 'keep my eye in', but for the most part, I've had a very beneficial break.

As per the previous month, much of my trading was spent on the greyhounds, where I struggled at times to achieve the same level of trades I was making in September.

I did start to return to the horse markets, but I'm still finding them difficult. However, it is something I need to work on as I do not believe I will be able to step up a level without them. Certainly, I do not think I can go much further in the greyhound markets simply because of liquidity issues.

The other option is to look at other markets of course and the long winter months will hopefully give me some time for research into that. With this in mind, I've started to get more involved on the soccer front, but to be honest, I still have difficulty with trying to trade these markets and separate myself from a gambling mentality. My betting background lies in football and I cannot help thinking that I may be better returning to that for these markets rather than keeping my trading hat on. It's a conflict I have yet to resolve.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £371.85
Horses... £39.47
Soccer... -£24.69
Tennis... -£46.53

The least said about that tennis loss the better. The method of it's loss is more disappointing than the loss itself as I explained earlier when it happened last Monday.

I'm very disappointed with the loss in the soccer markets. Again, I've made some poor choices as I've failed to choose correctly between trading and gambling.

So what's on the horizon for November?

Well, as the dogs are the ones that are bringing in the money, I'll be carrying on with them in the meantime. I will be getting involved more in the horse markets but the soccer markets may take a back seat as far as trading is concerned. I've never been happy with trading soccer so I may go back to gambling on those, funded by winnings from my trading efforts.

I also intend to spend more time taking advantage of free offers from bookmakers. So I'll be looking at matched betting in more detail. I have never looked into this simply because I always thought it was more hassle than it was worth. However, the new Odds Matcher facility at bet72.com now makes this a doddle, as I highlighted in my last post.

More specifically the likes of Bet365 have a regular feature during the televised greyhound meetings and some of the horse meetings regularly covered by Channel 4. There are special conditions imposed on these offers which don't lend themselves to the normal matched betting process.

However, with thanks to the Iranian Giraffe for sparking the idea, I spent much of my mini sabbatical this week developing a spreadsheet just for this application. The testing has gone very well and I'm quite excited about it so I'll start using it in anger at the earliest opportunity.

I'm still trading on Betunfair as it is being called by many these days. This is mainly due to my ongoing software issues and, as far as the greyhounds are concerned, liquidity. Betdaq trader is due to get a ladder interface very shortly so I'll be trading the horse markets on Betdaq once that arrives.

I'll be carrying on with trading on Betfair, at least until my 'allowance' is used up, though I suspect that will have to continue indefinitely as far as the dogs are concerned. I do not see liquidity in these markets improving sufficiently on Betdaq any time soon.

I continue to do all my soccer trading/gambling on Betdaq rather than Betfair and this will continue. I'll also be using Betdaq for all the matched betting I'll be doing.

So interesting times ahead for me with new areas to explore and profit from. I certainly need to be looking for ways to move up a gear. Way back in the dim and distant path I said that I'd be happy making £400/month. I'm more or less doing that now, but it isn't enough. Not when I look at the number of hours I'm putting in - and that's without me being charged the premium charge yet. I need to work on improving my hourly return so I can cut back a bit.

How I am going to achieve that is, as yet, unclear to me.

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