Quote Of The Day

Thanks to Pythia on the Betfair Forum for this little gem:

"Betfair is up front about what it charges but the bookies hide their inflated rates in their margins."

You can find the full thread in the Betfair horse racing forum. Worth a look if you want a giggle.

I had limited trading opportunities today as I was at a client's. However, during the day, I formulated a plan for this evening's session.

I felt that Man City had a very good chance of winning at St James Park, particularly as Newcastle had their main attackers missing. I wanted to back City out right, but wanted it for nothing as it were. So I decided to trade the greyhounds and put what ever winnings I achieved on Man City to win, with a view to trading out whenever they went into the lead.

The plan was, each time my greyhound profit increased by £5, I'd put that fiver on Man City and I'd keep on doing so in-play until they took the lead. By the time kick off came along, I had £10 on Man City.

Unfortunately, with the football on, the greyhound markets dried up considerably, so I didn't get the opportunity to put anymore on by the time Man City took the lead. At which point I traded out for a profit of £8.87 before Betdaq's 2% commission.

So, despite getting the result of the match wrong, it started off as I expected and that's good enough for me.

That, combined with the £16 I won on the dogs, adds another £25 to the pot, which I'm very happy with. Not bad for a relatively relaxed 2-2.5 hours this evening.


leonthefixer said...

Well done mate - good to see the all black!

The responding comment to Pythia was the best bit tho!

Alistair said...

Cheers Leon,

Yes the response was good. Mind you, anything Pythia says always brings a smile to my face.