Have you ever had one of those days when, no matter what you do, you just go round in circles?

Having been woken early this morning to hear news of a burst water main in my garden, I set about getting that sorted. The water board in Scotland, not surprisingly called Scottish Water, don't have a manned switchboard at that time in the morning, so I reported the leak via a form on their website, expecting them to call me back soon after 9am. This didn't happen. So I had to call them.

Having spent god knows how long I eventually got through to their customer services who promptly told me that, as the burst main was in my garden, then I was responsible for any leaks and they washed their hands of it (no pun intended). This was news to me and something of a cop out by them. Throughout the local estate, the pipe carrying water to every house runs 2 ft inside the boundary of each house. Are they really not responsible for that supply?

I was told that I'd have to get another contractor out. I spoke to a neighbour who knew someone local who kindly agreed to come out to turn the water off. In the meantime, I contacted my insurance company who arranged for a contractor to come out and mend the pipe.

The first guy came, and spent an hour looking for the toby to turn the water off. There's two in my garden, as far as I am aware, and neither of them killed the supply. So he left, but at least he didn't charge me.

The insurance company's contractors appeared 2 hours later. They spent 2 hours hunting for the toby and gave up. They cannot mend the pipe until the water is turned off. So they called... yes you guessed it, Scottish Water, who decided to treat it as an emergency and send someone out within 2 hours. In the meantime, the contractors were told by their boss to go off to another job rather than wait. I agreed to call them once Scottish Water had identified were to turn the supply off as it may be necessary to cut it for the whole block.

I suspect this will be the case as I'm certain it is the main pipe that is burst rather than the pipe from that into my house. I still have clean water with no drop in pressure.

You won't be surprised to learn that Scottish Water never turned up. In the meantime, I have a reservoir emptying through my garden. It continues to flow as I type. Tomorrow I'm thinking of putting a couple of slides in and charging the local kids £2 to come and play in my water park!

So, having spent the whole day faffing about trying to get this leak sorted, I'm no further forward.

As I was at home today, I did try to trade the greyhounds but the problems I've been having since the turn of the month continue. Today's shenanigans didn't do anything to keep my mind focussed. I was hoping for a good performance to try and offset the £150 insurance excess I had to pay before these guys would come out. Unfortunately, I got caught far too many times and wound up with a paltry £3.75 from 48 races. Utter rubbish.


Man of Mystery said...

Hi Alistair, just a short note to let you know I'm back with WUBT Betting Exchange Radio at a new home after the demise of my old blog hosted at LastMinuteLiving.

My new home is www.juicestorm.com and I'd appreciate a link. You already have one there.

The blog will feature the occasional radio show with bloggers like yourself and betting software developers along with my daily betting results. And betting software reviews too.

If you feel like being a guest sometime please let me know and we'll sort it out.

I trust you're well and great to see you in the blogosphere still!

Alistair said...

Hi 'Man of Mystery'

Thanks for popping by. Good to hear WUBT is up and running again.

I'll get your link up over the weekend.


Man of Mystery said...

Hi Alistair, many thanks mate. It's great to be back.