Water Works

No, I haven't burst into tears though, as my greyhound trading yesterday was rather poor, I could be excused for doing so.

Again I struggled for much of the day to make any headway. The markets in the run up to the horse racing starting were great, but I just kept giving my gains away, just like the day before. I'd barely made a fiver by the time I stopped for lunch at 1:45.

When I came back, I thought I'd have a look at the horses instead. I promptly lost £3 and went back to the dogs with my tale between my legs. I managed a bit better in the afternoon and started to put some decent trades in, but my performance in the earlier session meant I was never going to end the day with a huge profit.

I was intending to take the day off today as my sister needs some help laying laminate flooring at her son's new flat. That plan has been put on hold as I was woken at 7am by a neighbour telling me that I had a flood in my garden. Sure enough, it looks like there's a burst water main and the water is surfacing in my back garden, flowing through my shed, through my front garden and off down the street. Great!

So I need to hang around for Scottish Water to get their finger out their backside and come and sort it. I better brace myself for a bill - though my house insurance should cover it - assuming I, as the householder, am liable.

At least I might get some trading done today.

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