We Wiz Robbed

As a Celtic fan, I was hoping beyond hope for a good result at Old Trafford tonight. Realistically though, I was expecting a thrashing. With our main strikers out I didn't expect Celtic to come anywhere near scoring and with Man Utd's strike force on song at the moment, the omens were bleak indeed.

Still, for much of the game, I felt Celtic held their own, whilst riding their luck at times, but what chance does any team have when faced with such appalling decisions. Bervatov's two goals were clearly offside. I doubt any team would have managed to come back from there against Utd.

To cap it all, the officials then chalked off a perfectly good goal by Rooney, before he went on to get Utd's 3rd. How many times do we see good games spoiled by bad refereeing?

Still, well done to Man Utd. The better side won, even though we wiz robbed. LOL.

My trading today went very well. As is now the norm, I started at 11am trading the greyhounds. Within 2 races, I found myself over £8 up. A great start completely spoiled by losing it all again over the next three! After that, I settled down to some steady trading that took me through the day.

In the afternoon I alternated between the dogs and the nags, steadily building up my profit until I stopped just before the big match, with just over £60. An excellent result, which I then added to at half time.

After the match I went back to the greyhound races with a view to earning the few pounds I needed to see me past the £70 mark. I guess you know what happened. Indeed, my daughter told me not to do it saying I'd lose it all. Oh she of little faith!

Everything went to plan. I was within a few pennies of breaking through £70 when the 22:00 jumped 20 secs early. The market was suspended before I had fully traded out. I was left with a liability of £31. Needless to say, the silly mutt, the favourite, didn't come close to winning.


Surprisingly, I took the loss in my stride. As I said to Leon in the chat room, although the loss was annoying, if I'd been offered a profit of nearly £40 at the beginning of the day, I'd have snapped it up, no question. At the end of the day, it wasn't my fault that I lost. My trading was sound, and had been all day. If I can get a profit of £70 in one day, then I can do it again another day.

Since starting trading dogs at the beginning of September, I have earned a profit of £675. In that time, I have been caught by the start in an open position 3 times. Twice it has cost me, the other time, it went in my favour. I guess, what goes around, comes around and these things even themselves up over time.

Aside from this 'mishap', there was one area of my trading I was disappointed with. I only earned £1.75 on the horse place markets. There was plenty of liquidity and I had increased my stakes from £60 to £75, yet I had difficulty getting on anything of significance and wound up scratching a lot of trades.

As I mentioned earlier, I was alternating between dogs and horses in the afternoon. This wasn't a problem in itself. With the place market though, I like to take a good 4-5 mins to assess the market. With each dog race happening 2-3 mins before each horse race, I wasn't getting a good opportunity to do that. I think this is where my problem lay today. Tomorrow, I'll use BinarySoft's monitoring facility to track the horse market while I'm trading the dogs and see if that helps.

In any event, if I trade half as well as I did today, then I'll be a very happy chappie.

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