What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday evening, having performed so badly, I was of a mind not do any trading today, especially as Saturdays do not seem to be my best days. However, having vented my frustrations on here, followed by a good night's sleep, I changed my mind.

I was in a much better mood today, plus the fact that I had other things on the go that I could do whilst trading, I was able to sit down in front of my pc without feeling as if I had to trade everything that came along.

I spread myself about quite a bit today trading in greyhounds, horses and soccer. The latter was the one disappointment, though I was trying a little experiment in the Villareal game which led to the loss of a fiver.

So I came away with a profit of just over £30 with both the nags and greyhounds contributing roughly equal shares.

It was the horses in particular that I got most satisfaction from. I ventured into the place markets again and, for the first time in what seems an age, things started to click once more. Hopefully that is no flash in the pan. I'll carry on with the place markets this week and see if today has been an aberration. If not and as there is loads more money in these markets nowadays, then I'll quickly increase my stakes again from the £60 I used today.

A happier bunny than yesterday. I now need to go off and think about whether to lay Hamilton or not in the Chinese Grand Prix.

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