All I Want For Christmas...

... is a bit of consistency in the horse win markets. Though one could argue that I already have that as my inconsistency is nothing if not consistent, if you see what I mean. :)

I've been out of action for the most part the last three days. As I reported earlier, I had problems logging on last Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were spent visiting clients and I only managed a couple of hours on Monday evening where I picked up £10 on the greyhounds. Unfortunately, I lost £5 of that on the Wigan v Everton match. So today was the first time I'd sat down to do some serious trading since Saturday.

Things started very well and I was roughly £6 up after three races. Then came the 1:00, where I contrived to continually miss the big drift on the favourite, lost £2 on the 2nd fav, then continually missed my opportunities as the fav came in again ultimately managing to lose a total of £9.30.

The following race, I managed to benefit from a suspending market and a withdrawal which allowed me to get more than £6 back. Yet, 20 mins later, I lost another £8.50. There were more losses to come, but nothing quite as bad as those two. In the end, I finished the afternoon session only £1.50 up.

Thankfully, I did a little better in the evening which helped to boost my horse winnings to £8.22. I'm still having far too many losers though. Out of 25 races, I lost on 7 of them at a cost of £24.82. Which meant that I had £33 worth of winning trades. Clearly I need to work on reducing the number of losing trades or at least reducing their size.

My main problem is one of discipline in that I am continually being drawn towards the favourite, even though I keep telling myself to stay away. Virtually every time I get involved with the favourite I end up getting burned.

As is so often the case, the greyhounds came to the rescue this evening, at least until the Champions League matches started. The £12 I managed here helped boost the profits for the day to £20, which is welcome, but still very disappointing.

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