Back On Track

I felt much better today, though still a little 'chesty' and this improvement was reflected in my trading.

I managed a small profit in the horses, but I was disappointed with it as I had my two worst trades in the last two races of the afternoon. These effectively halved my profit from the win markets.

I faired better in the greyhounds, even though I started off with a £3.60 loss. I steadily built up a profit of just short of £20 with most of that coming in the hour or so after the horses. I'm finding the greyhound markets at that time of the day to have generous amounts of liquidity, compared to normal.

The evening races died a death as the football matches approached, so I quit early tonight.

A while back, I mentioned I'd set aside £100 to use as a small bank to address and gambling urges I may have. I use 5% on things like double and trebles and any other madcap idea I might have. It's not going to great, as the fund is now down to £9.84.

The latest failure was a double of Iran and Australia in the World Cup qualifiers. Australia managed a 1-0 win in Bahrain with the last kick of the ball, but Iran could only draw 1-1 with UAE. I really must stop relying on tips from others. No matter how good the tipster is, I always seem to get involved with the tip that's doomed to fail.

Always best to trust one's own intuition and knowledge.

I won't get much trading tomorrow as I need to visit a client who I should've seen on Tuesday before my illness intervened. You'll probably find me in the chat room tomorrow evening as I'll be doing some matched betting on the televised greyhound meeting.

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