Change Of Plans

My daughter came down with my bug and was off school, so I had to cancel any plans of visiting my client for this week. The benefit of course was that I was able to do a full day's trading. The drawback is I'm seriously out of pocket as I can earn a hell of a lot more spending the day with a client, than I can trading.

I did my usual routine today. Started with the dogs until the horse racing started. Unfortunately, my dog trading still isn't doing as well as it did in Sept/Oct. I'm managing a profit, but not as much as I have in the past. So I was disappointed with the £10 or so I'd earned by the time I switched to the horses.

For today's horse racing, I took the decision to increase my stakes by 50%. Very quickly, I was pleased I had done so as I had one of my better trades in the win markets in the second race, netting over a fiver. My pleasure was short lived though as I then started to lose money over the next hour when I found myself almost back to where I started the day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon slowly making my way back, but it was hard going as I would frequently lose money the race after I'd just won it. Come the end of the afternoon, I'd only managed to make £3.50 from the horses.

My frustration wasn't helped when I went back to the greyhounds and started losing some more. I just wasn't able to read the markets at all for some reason so I stopped before I gave away all of my meagre profits for the day.

Even the matched betting I had planned to do in the evening turned out to be a bit of a non-event. Although this brought me £10, I only managed 3 races as the odds available were very poor with too many short-priced favourites and large spreads between what Bet365 were offering and the corresponding lay price available on Betdaq.

I was using a stake size of £30 so it was still worth doing, taking up a total of 15 mins.

In between the Sky televised dog races, I paid the odd visit to Great Leighs where I managed to bring the total for the horses up to £10.

Only another week to go in my attempt to get to grips with the win markets. I'm only just in profit on the horses since I started at the beginning of the month. Hopefully, the coming week will see the consistancy I've enjoyed this week continue.

I'll continue with my current stake levels for the next few days and then increase it once again come mid-week, assuming things continue along the path they are going. I'd certainly like to see a bit more profit coming in now as this month certainly has taken a hit due to the focus I've had on the win markets.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate - stuck my head through the door this evening into the chat room to see if you were around and to see how you were going but alas you were not there.

Good to see you are starting to get to grips with the horses more - keep it up and hopefully will catch u soon.


Alistair said...

Sorry to miss you Leon. I didn't get in the room until after 7pm.

I'm not sure I'd describe it as 'getting to grips', especially the way I traded yesterday, but I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks.

Still a long way to go though.

I 'discovered' another market last night in the American horse racing. A fair amount of money with lots of gaps and spikes to exploit. Certainly worthy of further investigation.

Will I ever be able to sleep?