Enforced Day Off

Well, has it finally happened? Has BinarySoft finally stopped working? I wasn't able to log on this morning being presented with the following error message instead:

It was like this throughout the day. There wasn't anything wrong logging in with other applications - BA Pro and Bet Trader - though as I've explained before, Bet Angel running in a Virtual Box is more or less unusable on my current pc. I haven't tested Bet Trader though I can log in.

I've been trying to contact other BinarySoft users I know of today, but I've not had any response as yet.

This may well turn out to be the kick up the rear I needed in order to make a decision about which route to take. I still want to investigate Bet Trader operating in a Virtual Box before I am forced to change may trading methodolgy, give up trading altogether or, heaven forbid, go back to the Evil Empire that is Microsoft.

I didn't waste all the day. In between doing much needed household chores, I continued looking at a greyhound dutching system and another aimed at the over/under 2.5 goals market. On going projects that will need more time to develop.

I have to say, after yesterday's trading screw ups, it was quite pleasant to have the day off anyway. Looks like I need to do some soul searching over the next few days though.

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