Sorry for not posting yesterday. By the end of the session, I needed to get away as my trading hadn't been very good thanks to my brain not being in gear due to the foul mood I was in - the cause of which I won't bother you with.

Needless to say, I lost around £20 yesterday and I didn't trade in the evening as I had needed to do a spot of shopping.

Which reminds me. Does the fashion industry know something about the size and shape of the population that I don't? I'm over 6 feet tall, and have a 33 inch inside leg but middle age spread has taken hold. The fashion industry seem to design trousers with a waist size that is inversely proportional to the inside leg measurement. As the waist size gets bigger, the leg size shortens. I could only find trousers for tall, lanky gents or short, dumpy dwarfs.

Sorry, I digress...

Adam Todd of Racing Traders has kindly given me some free minutes in order to test Bet Trader Pro running in a virtual box on my Linux based computer. I started doing that today and initial impressions are favourable, in that Bet Trader Pro does not seem to be as resource hungry as Bet Angel Pro. As a result, it is not as sluggish.

For this arrangement to work, I'd be more comfortable doubling my RAM to 4GB and upgrading my graphics card. Unfortunately, looking through my motherboard spec today, it appears that 2GB is all it supports. So it looks like I'll have to buy a new box in the new year.

Anyway, on to the trading...

I was fully expecting little if any profit as I started experimenting with Bet Trader Pro. BinarySoft's way of doing things is so fundamentally different to conventional trading software and has functionality that BT Pro doesn't. As a result, I set off today without high expectations.

However, I have to say, that things started off rather well. I found trading the triple ladder very useful, and was able to settle down to the BT way of doing things pretty quickly. I traded steadily, building up a profit of roughly £10 as I went in to the last three races. This is when it all fell apart and I lost £14 over those races.

Thanks to a little bit of greyhound trading I managed to get myself all square for what turned out to be a frustrating afternoon.

Trading performance aside, my first foray into the use of BT Pro was a favourable one and I will continue to practice with it. I did have one wobbly however.

Early on in the session, I placed a lay bet which at first, appeared to have been matched right away. The £30 didn't appear in the leftmost, 'unmatched bets' column of the ladder, though the cell turned grey. The bet had clearly been submitted but it hadn't been matched. I had to go into the Betfair website to cancel the bet.

I do not know if this was an issue with BT Pro, or something to do with the way I'm using it in my setup. Certainly something I need to keep an eye on though.

Disappointed with not making any profit this afternoon, I returned to BinarySoft for this evening's racing. I also took this opportunity to raise my stakes a bit more. This worked very well and I was putting in some good trades. As is so often the case though, I started to lose in the latter races. Not too much, though still annoying.

All in all, I got involved in 26 horse races today, losing on 8 of them at a cost of £13.60. Coincidentally, thanks to the racing this evening, I was within 2 pence of being in profit by the same amount.

So, a successful day, in more ways than one. It's good to know that there are options available that will allow me to continue to use Linux as my operating system, even though I still have to succumb to using Windows and with the proviso that upgrading my kit may be necessary. I'll continue to test BT Pro over the coming days and I'll obviously let you know how I get on.

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