It's Going To Be A Long Month

I managed to get some trading done today before the Brazilian Grand Prix - what a dramatic finish that was!

Again, concentrating on the horse win markets I managed another losing day. The difference from yesterday was I actually had some winning trades amongst the losing ones. As you can see from the screen shot below though, I had one particularly bad race.

This was one of those races where I'd lose a tick or two, go back in to recover it, and lose a bit more. All those 1 tick loses soon add up.

One thing I did notice, although it is a small sample size, was that those winning trades took place no closer than 5 mins before the scheduled off when the action was a little less frenetic. So that may be something I will take a closer look at over the next few days.

Finally, before I go, congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on securing your first F1 Championship. One of many I'm sure.


Max said...

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Alistair said...

Hi Max,

Thanks for the link. You'll find a link to yours on the links page.