Lack Of Standards

As an engineer, I get really hacked off when companies blatantly disregard national or international standards. Microsoft do it all the time. Take Internet Explorer for example resulting in nightmares for web designers. Another example is their Office suite using proprietary file formats forcing users to use bloated Microsoft software rather than alternatives.

The latest firm to wind me up is Ford.

I've not done much trading the past two days as I've been installing a new stereo and speakers in my son's car. These things should be plug and play. The Sony unit that he'd bought has standard connectors on the back. Not so the Ford wiring loop for the audio or the mount fittings. We spent nearly two hours on Friday afternoon touring the local hardware/car parts stores getting the necessary bits to allow me to install it all correctly.

Anyway, it's all up and running and he's happy. Pity about the music he plays but there you go. Oh no! I'm beginning to sound like my old man now!

I managed to get some of the evening dog and horse races yesterday. I didn't make much - only £6, but most importantly, I didn't have a single losing horse race in the six markets that I tried.

After finishing work on my son's car this morning, I wasn't particularly in the mood for trading today. The decision to avoid it was more or less made for me when the 'stickiness' issues I've been having reared their ugly head again. Bet submission was 3-4 times slower than normal. Judging by the posts on other forums, it wasn't just me that was having problems.

Instead of trading, I decided to do a live test of the spreadsheet I'd developed last week. It is used in conjunction with the free bet offers from Bet365 on the televised races on Channel 4 and is a form of matched betting. I was playing with small stakes today; £10 in this case with the spreadsheet configured to give a minimum 2% return per race. Everything went to plan and I came away with £1.40 from the exercise.

Now that I'm happy that everything is working, I'll start upping my stakes next time.

I traded a little on the dogs tonight, but the markets were pretty quiet and the bet submission delays were still present so I stopped while I still had a small profit.

I've mentioned in the past that I have an on-going conflict between trading and gambling in the soccer markets. To try and separate the two, I've set up a small bank of £100 for gambling purposes. I intend to stake 5% of the bank on any one match as a straight punt. Hopefully this will satisfy any gambling fix I crave will still leaving me the flexibility to trade other matches as I see fit.

I started off tonight with £5 on the over 1.5 goals in the Bologna v Roma matched. I was matched in-play at 1.77 when the score was still 0-0 and, thanks to a last minute own goal, came away with £3.77 after 2% commission at Betdaq.

That's it for today, Hopefully I'll be free from the bet submission issues that I've had recently and I'll get some trading in tomorrow.

A potential spanner in the works is my Internet connection. With this intermittent issue I've been having, I have started to investigate my broadband speed and, rather than the 1.5Mb I normally get on ADSL, I'm struggling to meet 0.9Mb and, more typically 0.6Mb, which is touching the minimum allowed for broadband.

I'm currently in touch with my ISP to try and sort the issue out. Hopefully they'll, or more accurately, BT, will be able to identify what the problem is.


Selectabet said...

Hi Alistair,

I;ve been doing a bit of blog surfing tonight ;) and came across your site. I normally bet at bookies but I'm interested to read that you traded the Unders/Overs market on the exchanges. Have you had much success at it?

Anyway I've added a link to your site here and would apprciate if you could link back to me.

Site name: Selectabet
Desc: Football betting, tips, advice and competitions. Home of the £20k challenge.

All the best, sb

Alistair said...

Hi sb, thanks for popping by and for the link. You'll find one to yours on the links page.

I don't seriously trade any football markets as I have never found an exit strategy that I'm comfortable with. I occasionally trade out, usually to my cost, but I tend to just use football for straight punts when I have a gambling urge that needs fixing. I use my other trading to fund this need so I only ever have a punt with profits from the previous day.