No Need To Worry

One of my main concerns of the past fortnight has been my returns, or lack of them, from the greyhound markets. As I have been getting more and more frustrated with the horse win markets, I've had this niggling feeling that that frustration was spilling over into my dog trading.

These fears were reinforced when I lost nearly £5 in the first couple of dog races and spent the next hour getting it back. I hate spending an hour just treading water. I needn't have worried though as everything turned out alright in the end.

With the racing starting at noon, I did my usual switching between our two four legged friends. I don't normally make much money on the dogs in the afternoon, but I was carrying on with my data collection exercise and paper testing of which there's more to do, but again, the results have been very promising. This has already opened up another avenue for me that I shall continue to investigate.

So, what about the horses? I am pleased to say, I had my best day yet. I kept my discipline and stayed away from the favourite (for the most part). I did start to get a bit careless towards the end of the afternoon races which was effecting both the horses and the dogs, so I quit for an early dinner.

The evening races went well, particularly the 21:20 and 21:20 where I actually made my best trades of the day - on the favourite, of all things!

Throughout the day, including the evening session, I traded 29 races and only had 4 losers and made a profit of £20.95. Needless to say, I'm extremely chuffed with that.

My dog trading wasn't quite as consistent as the horses. I traded 49 markets, losing 12 of them but made a profit of £19.82.

So, a very pleasant profit of just over £40 which makes a welcome change and a boost to the monthly totals. Most importantly of course, I decent profit from the nags. I just need to do that repeatedly over the next weeks or so and I'll be able to think about upping my stakes.

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