Not The Most Productive Of Days

My plans this week have been chopped and changed thanks to problems I had getting my car started yesterday. In the event, whilst I eventually got it going, I had already canceled my planned visit to a client and went today instead.

With this turn of events, I settled down yesterday for a full days trading, only to be interrupted by visitors and phone calls. I managed to get some trading done in the afternoon before the Betfair 'upgrade' brought things to a halt again in the evening.

I didn't get anywhere on the horses, again, coming away with a small loss. The few trades I managed to do on the dogs got me into profit on the day, but it was pretty much a wasted day if truth be told.

With work taking up all of today, I didn't get around to trading the dogs until nearly 7pm where I managed a couple of hours before packing it in. I spent the time trying a different approach which looks like it might yield better results, but I'll need to carry on testing. It was just beginning to get somewhere when my daughter came home and I had to stop so the jury is still out on that one.

I built up a profit of over £12 with the test, though I did have losses totalling some £6 as well, so the approach needs some work.

On a different note...

Like many people of my generation, I stood silent at 11am this morning in remembrance of the fallen. It always brings a tear to my eye thinking of those who have witnessed and suffered such horrors. Horrors that I, I am sure, wouldn't have the courage to face.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my family, going back through the years, have been involved in the armed services. My ancestors were employed in mining or farming so managed to escaped conscription. Despite this, I have always felt a sense of pride in the job the armed services do on our behalf. Honouring their sacrifices is the least I can do.

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