Scratch That!

I made the grand total of 76 pence today, so a bit of a waste though the horse racing is coming along. First though, a quick word about yesterday as I didn't post anything.

I'd been at a client's all day so didn't manage any trading until after 6pm where I spent some time on the dogs. I only traded an hour or so as I was having difficulty submitting bets. I don't know if it was an issue with Betfair, my internet connection or BinarySoft BDI. Occasionally it was taking upwards of 4 secs for my bet to appear in the market. Sometimes, it took so long that BinarySoft 'timed out' and reported an error. When I cleared the error message sometimes my bet would appear, other times it didn't.

Fortunately, it didn't catch me out but I felt it was safer to quit for the night and pocket the £8.50 or so I had made.

Today started off with a real mare, or should I say bitch? I just couldn't do anything right in the greyhound markets this morning. I got involved in 12 races before switching to the horses and lost on 8 of them. So I was over £12 down before lunch time.

I faired much better in the horse win markets. I started with two satisfying wins and found myself over £8 up going into the 3rd race. Unfortunately I screwed this up completely.

I backed the favourite, 'Desert Strike', in the 1:30 as it was starting to come in. I got on at 2.32 and shortly before the off it was touching 1.75, yet I came away with a loss of £9.20. Every time I went in, it would drift 2-3 ticks so I'd get out. It would then immediately start coming in again, so I'd go back in. Lo and behold it would do the same thing and... well, you know the rest.

Very frustrating of course, to get the direction of the movement correct, yet make a loss. It is simply a matter of learning to hold one's nerve a little bit more. I'm so used to reacting quickly in the more volatile markets that I normally frequent that it will likely take me a little while to adjust.

I lost another £4 a couple of races later which was disappointing, but other than that, the other races were good. I had to stop early as my son came around at 3pm and I promised I'd help him do some work on his car. In the end I managed 9 races and wound up with a loss of 4 pence! Now that's progress!

I concentrated on trading 5-10 mins before the off and moved on to the next race when things started to heat up. In the main, this worked for me and I'll shall persevere with this strategy in the coming days.

I returned to the dogs in the evening, but started suffering from the same issues as I had the evening before. Again, I didn't get caught out by these submission delays and errors, but it did cause me to miss out on quite a few decent moves, which was very annoying. Once I had recovered my losses from this morning, I felt it safer to stop.

I do not know what is causing this 'stickiness' but it is a real pain. Hopefully, whatever it is, will have sorted itself by tomorrow otherwise I shall not be a happy chappie.


Drifter said...

Keep with the horse win markets you will get the feel with practice. Strange that the dog markets were sticky and not the horse markets.

Put the last 2 days down to experience and you didn't make a loss. As long as you have an edge you will make money in the long term.


Alistair said...

Thanks for the support drifter.

It certainly proving to be a difficult process, a lot more so than learning the place markets way back in spring. I took to those like a duck to water, but the win markets are just unfathomable to me at the moment.