Storm Clouds Brewing

Sorry about the title. I just thought I'd keep the bad weather theme going :)

Saturday maintains it's reputation of not being a good day for me trading wise. I did a handful of dog races before the start of the horse racing and netted the grand total of 99p!

I had initially planned to do some matched betting with the Bet365 Channel 4 4/1+ offer, but decided against it as I didn't have enough money in my Betdaq account to cover the lay liability for the stake size I would have like to use. Instead, I decided to concentrate solely on my effort to get to grips with trading the win markets. I didn't even look at any of the in-play football markets.

I wish I had now.

I slowly built up a reasonable profit, with the odd loser on the way, when, in the 3:45 I got badly caught by a sudden shift and promptly lost 50% of my profit I had built up.

Then, to compound things still further, I lost the remaining 50% in the first two evening races at which point I stopped disgusted with myself. Although I'm not getting major losses, the amount of time I am consistently spending for very little gain means I cannot help but think I am wasting my time with these markets. I will persevere for a while yet though.

My day was saved by my 5% football bank bet. Thanks to advice over at SoccerLotto, I backed Nice at odds of 3.45 to win away at St Etienne. Which they did do by the only goal of the game.

That brought the smile back to my face this evening and the storm clouds started to disipate. Until tomorrow that is :)

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