The Struggle Continues

I finished down by a couple of pounds today thanks once again to the horse win markets. These are showing no signs of clicking for me as yet and it didn't help throwing away £15 in the last hour of the afternoon races, finishing the session down by some £6.

My main problem is the favourite. I know I should stay away from them and concentrate on the next 2 or 3 horses, but that's where most of the movement seems to be. Consequently, I find myself drawn there like a moth to a flame. And I repeatedly get burned.

The greyhound markets weren't much better. I had difficulty getting any head of steam up and found myself frequently giving away what I'd won in the previous race. It probably didn't help that my attention was diverted each race while I recorded various bits of data as I have been looking at the possibilities of dutching the dog markets. Early days, but initial figures look promising. Still a lot of work to do on that score though.

So, as expected, this month is proving to be very poor as I concentrate on the horse win markets. My lack of progress is seriously hampering my profit. I will continue until the end of the month. If there is no sign of improvement then I shall have to reassess my involvement in the horse markets.

Here's hoping I can finally get somewhere in the next two weeks.


GranpaChook said...

Keep at it mate. I was similar to you in the fact that I kept sticking with the favorite but this last week I've not traded on the fav once and had my best week on the horses. It might not be as glamorous to trade the 3rd or 4th fav but I find it a darn sight easier.

Good luck!

Alistair said...

Hi Grandpa,

Thanks for popping by.

That's my problem. I try to stick to the 3rd/4th fav, but I keep seeing the movement on the favourite and cannot resist - to my cost. A bit more discipline required I think.