Tempting Fate?

I managed to post another profit on the horses today. Just short of £10 over the 12 races I entered. This is particularly pleasing as I am still using small stakes ranging from £10-£30, depending on the odds.

At the risk of tempting fate, I'll carry on with this for the remainder of the week. Assuming this profitable trend continues, I will start to increase my stakes to a more sensible level.

Today's profit was also boosted by the greyhounds this evening where I managed almost £20 which I was really pleased with considering the evening markets were pretty quiet in the main.

I'm still looking at a system for the greyhounds and the data collection continues, and the earlier promise it showed is still there. I will continue with the paper trials for a few weeks, possibly until the end of the year. After that, I'll start implementing it to small stakes initially - assuming all goes well with the trial of course.

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