Weekend Update

Due to other committments, I haven't managed to spend all weekend trading, hence the lack of update for yesterday. Instead, here's a brief summary of trading for the weekend:

Saturdays are generally speaking not good days for me trading wise, so I tend to stick to the football. However, because of some Christmas shopping - yep, it's that time of year again - I didn't have time to do any pre-match study, so I didn't have any bets yesterday.

Indeed, I didn't get back until after 1pm so horse trading was limited. What I did do started off very well, but when I started to throw it away again after an hour, I stopped while still in profit.

Over the weekend, I traded in 29 horse races, losing in 10 of them, which was rather disappointing. Still, on both Saturday and today, I made a small profit so that's good. That's three days in a row now where I've managed a profit on the horse win markets. Very early days of course, but hopefully I've turned a corner.

I also did a little dog trading and added a few more pounds to the pot, but nothing significant.

Back into the swing of things tomorrow, so looking to continue the progress on the horses.


Drifter said...

Well done Alistair. Start to make a small profit on the win markets and build your confidence, then due to the good liquidity the possibilities are huge.

I am still working on my discipline. hope I am not still saying this at the end of the month!

Alistair said...

Cheers Drifter.

Hopefully, that's me turned a corner and I'll soon be able to increase my stakes to make it more worthwhile.